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Empowerment Oasis, PLLC

Assisting Clients in Healing the Body, Mind, & Spirit

I enjoy working with adolescents, adults, and families. I view every client as unique. I believe in a collaborative approach while working with clients. I will help each client develop their own individual goals and plans to thrive.

Holistic Psychother​apy

I use an integrated approach that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. I believe that healing occurs on an emotional and unconscious level and the incorporation of multiple modalities or more than one theoretical approach to healing through counseling provides clients with limitless outcomes and possibilities. In all sessions, the client leads the discussion while I facilitate with acceptance, respect, understanding, empathy, and authenticity. I support the therapeutic process of self-discovery that promotes growth and wellbeing.

Positive Psychotherapy Techniques

Positive Psychology fosters authentic happiness. Through positive psychology techniques, clients develop habits grounded in resilience that cultivates change, decisiveness, and positive self-view through flourishing. Finding joy, being present, and having a sense of belonging and purpose while accomplishing goals that use inner strengths to create flow will work together to reset your inner self for optimal functioning.

Relaxation through Breathing & Yoga

Meditation increases calmness and physical relaxation. Meditation is being mindful of the inner world while mindfulness focuses on the outer world. Meditation combined with breathwork uses breathing exercises to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. Breathwork supports achieving a greater sense of self through self-healing. Training using breathwork focuses on attention-building activities and self-awareness. Breathwork practices, combined with meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, encourage non-judgmental acceptance of oneself which is beneficial in treating mental and physical health conditions.


Engagement. Empowerment. Bliss