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Empowerment Oasis, PLLC

Counseling Beyond the Norm

Established April 13, 2020

(336) 303-1604

What is Life Coaching?

I work with clients to identify, plan, and achieve goals. Collaboratively, we focus on the present, future steps, and how gaps can be bridged to keep moving forward. My work as a life coach is centered on expanding ideas through talk-based coaching, exploring the self through movement-based coaching, and utilizing resources internally and externally for support. 

Life Coaching is your OPPORTUNITY to take your life from good to GREAT!

The Institute of Stress Relief for Baby Boomers

Why Work with a Life Coach?

Life coaching is focused on helping clients reach their full potential. The benefits are personal and the journey involves establishing a clear understanding of who you are, what you want from life, and techniques you can use to achieve your goals while increasing self-esteem and building self-confidence.

“It’s not a coach’s role to impart wisdom, but rather to facilitate the client's own process of connecting to their inner wisdom, and making choices about their actions and next steps from that place of connection.”

Kate Bathras

Available Service Areas

Special Needs

(Specializing in transitions)

Each person is unique! As a special needs family life coach and former special needs teacher, I use a multi-modal approach to help clients address transformational lifestyle changes while managing transitions and discovering meaning in life experiences. Examples of activities may include creating a bridge drawing to identify goals, affirmations for decision-making, and Pinterest boards to identify future steps.

Special Education IEP Mediation 

(Coming Soon)

IEP Mediation is the first step in Due Process. It is a process in which a mediator helps to resolve a dispute between a parent and school district personnel over a child's special education program. A mediator is a neutral person who will help the participants arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Circle Keeper 

(Coming Soon)

Circles provide a safe space to connect mentally and emotionally. They consist of five elements 1)building deep connections with members of the circle, 2)committing to change, 3)abiding by an established order, 4)following the process of keeping/facilitation, and 5)coming to an agreement. The circle process begins with getting acquainted and building trust within the circle. Next, we address issues and develop a plan of action to move forward respectively.