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Empowerment Oasis, PLLC

Counseling Beyond the Norm

Established April 13, 2020

(336) 423-8775


Coaches work with families and individuals to determine what they need to meet personal goals. They help families establish and monitor action plans in order to accomplish desired outcomes. As a special needs family life coach and former special needs teacher, I use a multi-modal approach to help clients address transformational lifestyle changes while managing transitions and discovering meaning in life experiences. 

Homeschool Startup Organizer

I help parents explore homeschool options &  startup ideas, provide advisement on curriculum to state requirements and accreditation that includes homeschool registration, assessment options, and homeschool co-ops, in-person and online. 

Special Needs Life Coach for Families

I provide family support services for children with special needs and assistance for family members in implementing therapeutic interventions that include behavioral support services for challenging behaviors. 

Transition Specialist

I conduct interviews & referrals to applicable programs while assisting clients in identifying the right career paths and/or school choices after graduation. I also direct clients to resources that can help them move towards their desired path.

IEP Mediation

IEP mediation works to resolve disputes with school district personnel over your child's special education program. For more information specific to your situation, please schedule an appointment. 

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Includes 4 (1 hr.) sessions


Family Life Coaching


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1 hr session


Transition Services


Per Day

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Includes 4 hour sessions