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Empowerment Oasis, PLLC

About Mental Health Life Coaching

As a BCC (Board Certified Coach) life coach specializing in mental health, I am dedicated to supporting individuals, families, and professionals in promoting overall well-being. With a certification obtained through the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) and the NC State Graduate Certificate program in Family Life Education and Coaching, I have acquired the skills and knowledge to provide adequate guidance and support.

As a Life Coach, I facilitate a thought-provoking and creative process that empowers clients to unlock their full potential, achieve their goals, and discover true happiness. By integrating coaching psychology and family life education, I guide clients toward personal growth, resilience, and improved well-being.

With a deep understanding of mental health and its importance, I am equipped to help you navigate challenges, explore possibilities, and create a fulfilling and harmonious life. Whether you are an individual seeking personal growth or a family looking to enhance your relationships and overall well-being, I am here to provide compassionate support on your journey.

Together, we will work collaboratively to overcome obstacles, develop effective coping strategies, and cultivate a sense of fulfillment and balance in your life and the lives of your family members. I am committed to empowering you to achieve your goals and create lasting positive changes that contribute to your mental health and overall happiness.

Mental Health Life Coaching is your OPPORTUNITY to take your life from good to GREAT!

The Institute of Stress Relief for Baby Boomers

Individual & Group Coaching Sessions

Genius Breaks

Discover the power of Genius Breaks to unlock your potential and elevate your well-being and performance! Backed by scientific research, Genius Breaks harness the transformative benefits of movement, mindfulness, and stress-reframing techniques. Regardless of your work setting - office, remote, or constantly on the go - integrating Genius Breaks into your busy lifestyle is effortless. Say goodbye to complicated equipment and time-consuming routines. Experience the positive impact with simple, practical strategies that fit seamlessly into your daily life.

Wellbeing Coaching

My coaching practice clarifies your vision for growth, tackles specific challenges, and assesses well-being dimensions (physical, financial, social, mental, purpose, and emotional). For organizational clients, we consider engagement, power, productivity, performance, people, and purpose. We track progress with measurable outputs aligned with your goals. I help set SMART actions and provide support. We explore self-care, leverage support, and foster social connections. Together, we prioritize actions for self, relationships, or societal impact.

Yoga Coaching

Experience holistic well-being, personal growth, stress reduction, improved fitness, and goal achievement through transformative Yoga Coaching. Deepen the mind-body connection, enhance resilience, and unlock your true potential with yoga's integrated practices of physical postures, breathwork, mindfulness, and meditation.

Therapeutic Art Coaching 

Experience the transformative power of Therapeutic Art Coaching and creative coping techniques for stress relief, improved well-being, and spiritual connection. Through guided art exercises, reflective discussions, and personalized support, explore your emotions, gain insights, and develop effective coping strategies. Discover how art engagement enhances self-awareness, resilience, and overall well-being. Tap into your inner spirituality and unlock personal growth and empowerment through the artistic process. Benefit from evidence-based techniques that promote healing, reduce anxiety and improve mental health.


It’s not a coach’s role to impart wisdom, but rather to facilitate the client's own process of connecting to their inner wisdom, and making choices about their actions and next steps from that place of connection.

Kate Bathras